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Graphic Design predictions for 2020

As 2019 concludes we take a moment to look at what design ideas to expect in 2020. Whatever your design ambitions are next year, adopting modern design ideas for your brand can be difficult. We have taken some of the weight off your shoulders with our top 5 predictions for graphic design in 2020.

Exhibition design

Predictions that are going to get deep

Throughout 2019 there were several advances in graphic design technology and software capabilities that have resulted in some very unique applications of 3D graphic design compositions and applications. As we move through 2020, we are likely to see more adoption 3D depth and more designs focused on depth and dimension.

Monochrome will diminish

Monochrome has been a staple in graphic design for years. If done right, it can convey class, quality and refinement. More recently, monochrome has become a predominant filter for photos and specific design elements. The monochrome design is a great solution if you are trying to focus your attention on content over design. However, brand design will steer to the effective use of colour to signify brands effectively throughout 2020.

All that Glitters

The application of metallic elements and foils has proved a unique way of drawing attention from the conventional approaches to design and giving brands an individual and uncommon position in the market. Throughout 2020 we predict that you will see metallic elements start to be more common throughout print and digital applications.

Font War

In our 2019 predictions, we foresaw the application of bold, stand out fonts to convey strength and brand confidence. The application of bold fonts is unlikely to diminish but you will start to see simplified and artistic font elements flourish in 2020.

Isometric Illustrations

An isometric illustration is a method of drawing that utilised a technique called isometric projection which allows a 3D object to be depicted on a flat, 2D surface. This technique gives graphic designers an opportunity to communicate a brand message through truly unique, engaging visuals. Isometric design is most definitely going to become a bigger trend throughout 2020 and beyond.

What gives Turquoise Creative our unique approach is our forward-looking design ideas. We build brands to last and always work to understand where your brand will be positioned over the coming years. Unique brands that are forward-thinking and evolutionary are laying the best possible foundation for success.

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