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Initial Water Services

Turquoise Creative was commissioned to undertake the design of a new corporate brochure for Initial Facilities Water Services.

The specific directive was to preserve the essence of the corporate brand styling while infusing vitality into the brochure’s overall presentation. Turquoise executed this brief by employing a strategic blend of abstract visuals, product-centric imagery, and bold colours.

Company brochure.

The resultant deliverable was a meticulously crafted 210mm square, 28-page brochure. The project adhered to both the established timeline and budgetary constraints, showcasing Turquoise Creative’s ensured the brochure was finished on time and within budget, showcasing their dedication to being punctual and cost-effective.

A testimonial from the Regional Sales Manager attested to the collaborative and exemplary nature of the working relationship:

Fantastic work

“Steve is fantastic to work with; he adeptly manages
your expectations and consistently deliver work
of the highest quality”
Regional Sales Manager
Initial Water Services

This endorsement underscores Turquoise Creative’s proficiency in meeting client needs and surpassing expectations, cementing its reputation as a reliable and innovative design partner.

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