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What to look for in a Branding Agency

(And, why is it so important?)

What To Look For in A Branding Agency. Team up with local talented designers.

The Decision… Is Yours.

Branding isn’t just about graphic design, although it most certainly IS a part of it.

You already know that it’s much more significant, wider and more strategic than that.

Outstanding branding also builds trust. Done well, it can even increase the perceived value of your goods and services. Likewise, first impressions count massively; it attracts and ideally retains, extraordinary talent. A strong brand could draw in much-deserved investment, for example. 

Branding that grows with you, whether you’re a start-up business or an established organisation, helps you to stand out from your competition. A strong brand may help develop a strong reputation. It’s a great way to decide your focus and your direction of travel.

Getting It Right.

The right branding agency will deliver outstanding creative and technical skills, as well as an in-depth understanding of everything that surrounds it: your customers, processes, how you sell, your customer profiles, your vision, values, positioning – everything.

The wrong branding agency – well, not quite so much. Most likely, not at all.

So, the search process needs to be super-smart. How do you know if they’re a good fit? Don’t be concerned. You’ve got this, and we’re here to help. Here at Turquoise Creative, we’ve put together your ultimate guide.

Here’s “What to look for in a branding agency”.  

What To Look For in A Branding Agency. Experience and passion are key factors in choosing the right designer for your business.


The most obvious one on your checklist, but it’s a good place to start.

Whilst “younger” or more inexperienced agencies may be ultra-affordable, you may have to start again. Buy cheap, pay twice. You know it’s true.

A brand specialist should have worked in several distinct industry sectors. This is about breadth and depth of knowledge. It matters because with practice comes expertise, and an understanding of various target markets and how, when and where they come across your brand. And, how they perceive it when they do so.

Their Portfolio.

An extension of the above point, to a certain extent.

Do review their portfolio – to be fair, much of it should be clear and present on their website. Do you like it, and why? Ask them to share some insight into past and present clients, with clear examples of how they overcame challenges and delivered positive outcomes. 

What To Look For in A Branding Agency. A portfolio that has a breadth of clients and projects.

Commercial knowledge and understanding.

In our opinion, knowing how sales, marketing and businesses work in general is essential.

Why? Because a specialist with commercial awareness will understand your marketplace well, recognising its challenges, strengths, and opportunities for growth. You need an agency that can speculate intelligently about the future of your sector (through previous experience). Not to mention someone with your competitors on their radar.

Information, know-how, seeing the bigger picture – these are subtle, near-imperceptible qualities, yet they’ll open up a whole new world of possibilities.

What To Look For in A Branding Agency. Commercial knowledge and understanding.

Listening and questioning skills.

Every part of the process is important; they all lock together. However, the early stages done correctly are, cliches notwithstanding, your solid foundations. 

Knowing the right questions to ask you gets to the heart of the matter. These are good ones: 

Why are you looking for a brand refresh?
How do you want your customers and prospects to feel?
How do you reach your demographic now?
What’s your story?

You’ll want your chosen agency to listen to you. And, to show that they’ve heard you, and prove that they’ve fully absorbed what lies at the very essence of your organisation.

Excellence in branding design is about getting to know your business; also, identifying your goals, your vision, and your target market. A perfect result connects your services with the people who buy them. It involves two ears, and one mouth and knowing how to use them to the best effect.

As in talk less, listen more. It’s quite a skill. Don’t underestimate it.

Professional and Personal Empathy.

We strongly feel that fully recognising and relating to the feelings and needs of another person – both in business and otherwise, is one of the most outstanding qualities you can find.

This is because we’re human beings first and foremost, with our pluses and minuses, our positive traits and our foibles.

A branding agency that sees your time constraints, budget, targets, objectives, KPIs, ambitions and goals is surely the one most likely to deliver what you need when you need it – in the most powerful, effective way.


What are your values? Honesty, integrity, transparency, keeping promises? Treating people fairly, for example, or going the extra mile for your clients. Why would you not work with a branding agency that doesn’t share them?

You’re after a path of least resistance here, not an uphill struggle.

What To Look For in A Branding Agency?

Some Questions to Ask.

These questions may get answered anyway. But this list, although by no means exhaustive, could be a good starting point.

  • What makes you different from your competitors?
  • Can you deliver branding across all media and channels?
  • Do you outsource? If so, which areas of expertise?
  • What is your agency’s reputation, and can you prove this?
  • What are your processes and stages? How do you work?
  • What steps will you take to understand our company?
  • What is the scope of your service? (What else do you offer?)
  • What are my deliverables?
  • How much input are you looking for from us?
  • What time frames are we looking at here?

In Conclusion.

An excellent branding agency will help you work out what makes you, you.

They’ll work hard to generate strong feelings of trust in your audience. What’s more, consistent, meaningful branding can motivate and inspire internally, within your organisation, bringing the team together for a clear path of travel.

Just leaving this here: Business is easy. People make it difficult.

Therefore, let’s Teflon your working life. Do you like the person you are talking to? If your collaboration, trust and confidence vibes are buzzing with positivity, it’s a good sign.

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