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How COVID-19 prompted a return of the Poster

The return of the poster. Creatives around the world have been producing posters in response to the Covid-19 crisis. In the past few months, posters have become an important tool for sharing information and lifting people’s spirits.

The coronavirus has inspired a wave of creative projects – from short films to poems and digital artworks. But in the past few weeks, it seems the poster has become the go-to format for creatives responding to the crisis.

Designers around the world

Designers and illustrators in cities from Leeds to London, New York and Amsterdam have all been creating posters to raise awareness of social distancing advice and pay tribute to key workers. As a result, designers have created some witty, imaginative and heartfelt designs.

In the UK, street art project In Good Company has been bringing some much-needed positivity to public spaces. Designing colourful posters thanking NHS staff and other essential workers. The initiative started in Leeds. It has since been rolled out to other cities.

Over the past few weeks, In Good Company founder Laura Wellington has worked with designers including Morag Myerscough, Rebecca Strickson and Studio Build to create posters for billboards and outdoor ad sites.

In Good Company

Posters are also available to purchase from In Good Company’s  In Good Company website and proceeds from sales will be split between charities chosen by participating artists. It is good to see the return of the poster.

Above and lead image (top): Morag Myerscough’s posters on display in Leeds. Photos: In Good Company

Article by Rachael Steven (Creative Review)

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