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The importance of competitor brand analysis

The key to victory when developing your brand is differentiation.

The goal is to ensure customers pick you over your competition. You need to offer something different, either in product, service or approach, this requires a Brand Analysis.

You should never imitate exactly what the big brands are doing in your industry, you should, however, be aware of what they do and understand why they do it.

At Turquoise Creative, we always look to build brands that stand out from the crowd and celebrate what difference and choice can bring to a customer. As part of our creative process, we will always take the time to look at the competition and its motives. If you are actively involved in the creation of your brand it is strongly recommended that you take the time to look at what is already out there.

brand analysis

Look at your main competition or brands that stand out in your industry and explore how they have gone about building their brand. Exploring hidden meanings, origin, reinventions and ethos within these brands will help you better shape your brand. It is important to conduct a Brand Analysis and consider it against your competition.

We have looked at brand effectiveness in the past, a key part of brand effectiveness is understanding the competition and using that to shape your brand development.

When looking at competitor branding, we look at these fundamental questions.

Is their brand consistent across all channels?

Look at their visual identity and see if they are consistent. As well as the visual elements such as colour, fonts and design, look at the messaging and tone of voice across their marketing channels.

Does the brand quality match the product or service quality?

Take a moment to look at what the competition says versus what they deliver, explore market feedback alongside their brand messaging, where are their inconsistencies?

What do their customers say?

Look at any reviews online, also take a moment to explore the work they have undertaken, are they maintaining long term relationships? Are they well received in the market?

What role does branding play in their marketing efforts?

Are your competition presenting the brand widely across all of their marketing material or does their brand take 2nd place to individual people or products? How proud are they of their brand?

brand analysis

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