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A set of product
brochures for Initial

When Initial sought to update its current brochures, our team took on the challenge to revamp the entire collection.

Focusing on each service division, we embarked on creating a modern and bold visual style, while ensuring the content remained clear and easily understandable for readers.

The redesigned brochures now present information in a concise and easily digestible format, showcasing Initial’s expertise in Fire, Data, Energy, Water, and IT Hygiene services.

With a cohesive look across all brochures, we aimed to reinforce the brand’s identity and professionalism while providing potential clients with comprehensive insights into the diverse range of services offered.
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Initial company brochure

Making a strong impression
on potential clients

Our dedication to the project resulted in the development of a complete suite of brochures, one for each service division.

Each brochure is tailored to its specific sector, presenting the relevant services, benefits, and solutions that Initial has to offer.

Whether it’s fire safety, data management, energy solutions, water hygiene, or IT hygiene, our suite of brochures highlights the company’s capabilities and commitment to delivering high-quality services across various industries.

The brochures now serve as essential marketing collateral, empowering Initial to make a strong impression on potential clients and effectively communicate the value they bring to their customers’ businesses.

I’ve worked with Turquoise Creative on several projects over the last two years, some design focused and some rather more mundane business forms.

In each case, Steve gave the same high level of care and took the time to engage with us and pinpoint what we wanted to achieve from each project. Creative, responsive, accurate and timely; a total pleasure to work with delivering great results.”
Alison Denyer
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Initial product cards

Design and print
for services cards

Adhering closely to the brand guidelines, we designed a set of service cards for Initial Fire, each showcasing its specialised offerings.

These service cards highlight their expertise in providing top-notch solutions, including fire extinguishers, fire detection and alarm systems, emergency lighting, and warden call and telecare services.

However, with a cohesive design approach, these cards not only maintain brand consistency but also effectively communicate the range of vital safety services offered by Initial Fire to their valued customers.

Initial product cards

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