A World In Ruins Book Design

Fascinating ghosts of the past portrayed in this amazing book

World in Ruins book design

Ink on Paper

Everything might now be digital, but at Turquoise Creative we believe that nothing beats holding a book and flicking through the pages. 

Our approach to book design creates some seriously tasty books – and ‘A World in Ruins‘ is one of those books.

Rich, mysterious photography sits on a minimalistic design that’s sharp and crisp.

Behind doors of buildings
frozen in time

In A World in Ruins, James Lacey has traveled in search of a latent past, to seek out what has been forgotten and left behind and to share with us the stories that these abandoned and derelict buildings have to tell. 

With their hints of bygone decades – along with so many unanswered questions – the photographs invite you to walk inside and immerse yourself in this magical world. 

After years of neglect, these enigmatic buildings are now ready for their new use. They are ready to be photographed.

World in Ruins book design
I worked in collaboration with Steve for several years designing my book A WORLD IN RUINS – published in April 2022.

Throughout the design process, Steve was professional and fast working on all aspects of the design and layout. Communication is key when working in a team via electronic devices and Steve was always willing to offer advice and guidance when requested. 

His innovative design and layout brought the book to life and helped make it the success it has become.”
James Lacey
Photographer and Author A World in Ruins
World in Ruins book design
World in Ruins book design
World in Ruins book design
World in Ruins book design

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