About Us.

Bringing brands to life, while giving
you a creative advantage.

Turquoise Creative is the inspiration of Steve Oakes, branding specialist. 

With 25 years experience in brand design and strategy, your project is in safe hands. 

Steve’s skills are perfectly suited to the needs of his clients, who appreciate his creativity, his eye for detail and design, as well as his in-depth understanding of business.

Branding communicates at a deep level, with colour,
textures, images, graphics and typography.

First-class branding solutions.

Before founding Turquoise Creative, Steve has delivered first-class branding strategy solutions to organisations large and small, including British Airways, Marks & Spencer, Interserve, Rentokil Initial, RBS, Start-Rite and Yahoo. 

His expertise has enabled businesses of every size and type to deliver messages that are fully aligned to their goals and objectives.

What Turquoise Creative do.

The Turquoise Creative team offers you skills not only in brand design, but also in premier-class website development, and search engine optimisation, not to mention content writing to impress you, and your target market.  

We can offer you a full suite of integrated creative services, or a brand strategy as a standalone project. 

What is branding?

Capturing the spirit of your business, in a way that gently touches the feelings and emotions of your target market is what Turquoise Creative does best.

Branding is your company’s persona. Its character, or personality, defined graphically. 

Branding communicates at a deep level, with colour, textures, images, graphics and typography – carefully balanced to reach the parts of our souls that other marketing concepts may not. 

It’s a technical skill, but it’s intangible. A silent, refrained message, yet highly effective.

Think of a well-known brand. You see it, you feel it, you know it. This is what Turquoise Creative can do for your business.

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