Exhibition Design in Sussex

Create a bold and lasting impression – with Turquoise Creative.

Based in West Sussex, we’re in the know when it comes to exhibition design in Sussex and the South East.

Turquoise Creative can create innovative exhibition designs to increase the awareness and affinity of your brand. Those banners and displays wont design themselves, you know.

Creating innovative exhibition stand designs to increase the awareness and affinity of your brand.

It’s time to get noticed.

Are you ready to deliver an outstanding exhibition experience? 

And, stand out from the competition? 

You’re on your feet all day, and it’s hard work – but well worth it. 

Here at Turquoise Creative, we’d be delighted to help your business make an impact, and gain lead-generating exposure at your next trade show. 

This is about creativity, with a strong commercial purpose.

Almost nothing can be as impressive as an amazing exhibition stand design. Or, at the opposite end of the spectrum, quite as dull! The best ones combine creative thinking with the very latest techniques and equipment. The worst ones – well, you’ll probably walk right past them on the way to get a coffee.

Create a bold and lasting impression, with exhibition design in Sussex and the South East.

Whether you’re exhibiting at a conference, a seminar, a sales presentation or a product launch, you need a custom exhibition stand that’s as memorable and distinctive as the organisation you represent. 

One that reaches out to your potential new customers’ subconscious with feelings, sights and senses.  

Let us create a bold and lasting impression, with sustainable, long-lasting event solutions from start to finish.

Whether you need a modular stand, a portable display, seating, a meeting area, or a place to mount screens, we have those must-have branding design skills for a robust return on investment. 

We’d be happy to advise on height, size, lighting, fixtures and fittings, a seating area – anything and everything that’s required for the best result.

Design and build.

Your perfect exhibition display awaits you. 

We’ll reinforce your brand with strong colours and vivid, bold graphics that communicate what you do and how you do it at 50 paces. 

Let’s make your vision a reality. 

Lightweight, easy to put together and simple to install, using contemporary materials to fit the bill for style and substance.

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Exhibition Design in Sussex.
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