Logo Design in Sussex.

A logo is a company’s unique visual identifier, it must be simple and work well.

Turquoise Creative will develop your brand identity/logo, using careful typography, colours and icons to ensure perfect harmony and balance. We offer excellence in logo design in Sussex, the South East and throughout the UK.

Is your logo consistent and unified?  We’ll make sure that it is, and much more besides.

We create stand-out brand identities for our clients. Simple, relevant, enduring, distinctive, memorable, adaptive and timeless.

Your Logo Design is the centrepiece of your visual identity.

Your brand and your business need to be memorable for all the right reasons. A well-designed logo is at the heart of customer engagement.

It’s that high-quality design that can help to succinctly communicate your ethos and your values.

It is the most important graphic design decision that you will make for your business. At Turquoise Creative we understand the inherent value of creating the right logo for your business.

Brand Identity Development.

As a branding and creative agency, we have a creative process through which we develop branding projects.

Consultation & Brief

Logo design is a methodical creative process – it takes time to create the perfect logo.
Turquoise Creative listens, asks questions and guides your brand down the right path to achieving your goals.

Research & Concept Design

To create the perfect logo lots of research, conceptualising and refinement is required. 

We will explore and sketch, and allow the free flow of ideas from pen to paper.
Let the magic begin!

Logo Design

We deliver a logo design service that is create and unique. 

Creating simple, memorable, versatile, resizable and timeless logo design.

Logo Redesign

Does your business need to be taken to the next level?

Designing a great logo is the vital first step in establishing a strong brand image for your business.  Lets get it right!

Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity Design is the visual aspect that forms the brand. 

We design the appearance and feel, logos, icons, colour palettes, typography and  graphic elements to bring the brand’s personality to life.

Design Help

Turquoise Creative love what they do. 

When the Brand Identity Design process is complete it does not just end there.

We are always on hand to help your business as it grows.

The Right Media – where will it go?

As branding specialists, we have the skills and knowledge to craft and adapt your branding, wherever it’s seen.

What do we mean? Simply, wherever your customer sees or interacts with your brand – on the tube, in a magazine, on the web, or on social media – it will deliver maximum impact.

Moreover, Turquoise Creative offers a powerful “same but different concept”; it’s consistent, identical branding, but powerfully flexible, with subtle distinctions to complement each and every media.

A creative branding agency with over 25 years of experience at your disposal.

Logo Design Showcase.

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Logo Design in Sussex.
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