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GEW web banners

Turquoise Creative has completed a brand refresh for UV Curing company GEW. Within the huge branding project, we designed a series of animated web banners which have been translated into Chinese and Spanish. We chose to create animated banner advertising to retain and engage with the consumer.

Attracting customers and holding their attention

Visitors typically spend eight seconds or less on a website before deciding if they wish to remain. Almost all aren’t ready to buy when they arrive at the site. Companies need to find ways to encourage them to make a purchase. One way to do this is through the use of remarketing/engaging with a consumer after they have left the site. Encourage them to come back and make the purchase.

Creating moving images

Animated ads come in three types: GIF, Flash and HTML 5. GIF ads make use of several rotating GIF frames, while flash banners display video content created in that format. Interactive and animated banners tend to be in HTML 5, as they display well across a range of devices. This type of ad allows the business to convey more complex information and provides a video-like experience.

Web banner designs for GEW

web banners

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