The Top Design-Related issues that
Marketers Face.

With experience comes wisdom. 
Or, so people tell us.

We hope it’s reassuring for you to know that Turquoise Creative has been at the sharp edge of branding and marketing for over 25 years. When it comes to the top design-related issues that marketers face, we think we have the answers.

It’s fair to say that there have been loads of comings and goings. And, we’ve seen this exciting sector move on a lot – at an extremely fast pace. 

The Top Design-Related issues that Marketers Face. They’ve evolved.
From Then… to Now.

In the blink of an eye, we’ve moved from classic, mailed-out printed marketing (which is still relevant, of course), through to the fast-moving, lightning speed of the digital age. This is no time to be modest, so we won’t be. 

When it comes to visual communications, this is an area we understand inside out. Equally, we recognise the challenges that marketers like you may have in connecting your services to the people who buy them. 

Digital innovation gives you instant access to your decision-makers; your skills and the resources available can open up several routes to market. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Far from it. The message is key, each and every time. 

How you “say” something and the way in which you say it visually. 

That is clear and effective brand design. In other words, what Turquoise Creative does. 

Do you recognise these Issues?

These, in our view, are the design-related problems we hear about the most. 
Which ones below resonate with you?  Perhaps all of them? 


Translating Your Brand Strategy into Outstanding Brand Design.

Your services are the ultimate problem-solver.

You understand why and how they work because you’ve profiled your target audience to the max – and you recognise the points of difference that your business offers, too.

You’ve established a powerful tone of voice. And all is good.

How do you keep your brand strategy alive, in ways that stay true to it, and which offer consistency?


Find the Right Brand Designer.

Ask for evidence of how they’ve previously translated brand strategy into brand design.
That is, how it’s been created into “real life” things, such as billboards, a website, brochures – everything. Also, involve the brand designer in the process to ensure that he/she can deliver the complete transition


Consistency Across Several On and Offline Channels.

How long have you got? This is a big one. 

Making everything the same but different across all your channels – from paper to Pinterest – and ensuring that you deliver the brand consistently is by no means easy. 

Why? Because technologies emerge with alarming frequency, and they all “do” distinct things.


Road-test your Brand’s Colours and Graphics.

…preferably, with an established agency, such as Turquoise Creative. Analyse and assess how they come across, and how they’re treated across diverse media and communication channels. Refer to our brand guidelines page for more information on this and to learn how we confirm and/or adapt them across various applications.


Creating a Different Visual Identity Whilst Staying True to the Brand.

In a crowded marketplace, creating a timeless, yet stand-out brand that’s genuine and authentic can be a mountain to climb. 

Does it look right?  Does it really say who you are?

And what do you do in a meaningful way?  

Your must-have: a brand that not only ticks all these boxes, it’s also relevant and fresh – and likely to remain so for years to come.


Find Create Design to Bring Your Brand’s DNA to Life.

A cliché perhaps, but future-proofing your branding is the way forward. This way, it can evolve in an under-the-radar kind of way. The result? It’s timeless, not fussy or faddy.


Designing or Refreshing a Brand Identity that Works Outside Your Home Market.

Does your brand have a permit to travel? 

OK, it works well in the UK, but how about the international market? Europe – or further afield. 

Or conversely, perhaps branding created abroad now needs to appeal to your UK market, without British compromise obliterating it beyond recognition.


Use an Agency that ‘speaks’ the International Language of Branding.

Yes, we know all about colours and graphical devices, as well as the complicated world of worldwide trademarks. 

Making your Brand Perform.

As a marketer, we’re aware that your brand needs to perform at outstanding levels. Also, some of the issues you face may be long-standing; some from the ever-changing digital environment. 

Whatever industry sector you work in, Turquoise Creative has the in-depth skills and experience you need. We won’t claim to know your business yet – but when we do, (and we really hope that we do). we’ll offer you an approach that pays close attention to what you’re saying to your audience. And then we’ll enable you to say it – distinctly, precisely and in a way that makes a real difference. 

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