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The 3 Core Components of your Brand Story

Businesses spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on marketing, social media and content. However, very few do this with a clear and thought-out brand strategy. The key to a brand strategy, is your brand story, allowing you to craft value, earn loyalty and drive engagement from your audience. Your brand, as we have highlighted in previous articles is key to building your vision, your brand story is how that vision is communicated.

Brand Story

It is common for a business to overlook its brand story, especially during the early, start-up phase. Your brand story should form a key part of your initial conversations with partners and prospects. It gives your business a purpose, allows you to identify your position in the market and enables an impassioned conversation with a purpose.

1. Share the Journey.

Like in any good story, the journey is key, how our hero, your brand, has overcome adversity, survived challenging situations and battled because they believe in something more. Every hurdle is met with perseverance, determination and growth, resulting in the resolution that you bring to your audience today.

The most successful brand stories are authentic, and personal and identify a clear vision. What does your brand stand for, and why?

2. Value at the Core.

Your brand story is the effective communication of quality over quantity. While modern communication is perceptively about high volume, successful brands focus on the quality of the content they produce and ensure that there is value, meaning and purpose behind all content. 

When building your brand, it is important to ask yourself these questions…

  • What is the main point your audience will take away?
  • What is your desired outcome?
  • Are you looking for emotive engagement or measurable actions?
  • Where is the ongoing value for your audience loyalty?

If you communicate to your audience with intent, it demonstrates respect for their time and attention, your audience will reward you with loyalty and engagement.

3. Make a Connection.

For your brand to succeed, it needs to have an element of human connection. Storytelling is a human trait that no algorithm or data bot will ever replace. Fundamentally, we all need to feel connected and your brand story enables that connection to your audience.

Your brand can engineer moments of human connections through regular requests for actions. The call to action does not have to be revenue-driven or sales-led; connections through subscriptions or social engagement are fundamental to the long-term success of a brand.

Your invitations to connect to your audience need to be authentic and considered. Your Brand Story is not about making the next sale, it is about your audience feeling connected and valued. Once you have communicated a story that is accepted by your audience, it is time to ensure your brand strategy continues to provide your audience with high-quality content and service.

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