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2021 Design Predictions

Evolution & Future. Here are some of our 2021 design predictions. There is little doubt that 2020 was unprecedented for demanding change and evolution in all our personal and business lives. 2021 will be a year where the businesses that embraced change, looked to the future and survived, will have a lot to share. This rhetoric will be mirrored in the design and graphical elements they will employ to communicate this change.

Emotion through Emoji Design.

Design Predictions

With an emotional 12 months behind us and an unpredictable year ahead, 2021 will be a time to show your emotional side with the rise of emojis in design. Fun and playful emojis, personalised for all occasions are a fun way of grabbing attention and raising a smile.

Nature-Inspired Design Predictions.

We are seeing an awakening, people are realising and embracing the fact that we need contact with nature for our well-being. This connection is making our homes happier and workspaces more productive when we make space and time for nature.

Design Predictions

When considering natural design, look to incorporate light natural materials, light, plants and even landscapes, smells and textures of the natural world into the modern physical environment.  The natural design utilises muted, raw tones with low saturated colours creating a feeling of safety and security.

Abstract Design Predictions.

Design Predictions

Morden, abstract design is more accepted and common in digital and graphic design uses. Those with geometric primitives such as circles and squares often come across as restrictive, minimalist, and straightforward. Graphic Designers use these fundamental shapes but incorporate them into more complex and alternative arrangements. This thought-provoking composition breaks the restrictive feel of such defined shapes and gives a sense of freedom and rule-bending.

Animations and dynamism Predictions.

Dynamic designs, animations and gifs now generate personality, reinforcing your brand image. When well developed, they can help convey brand value and convey the objectives or principles of a company. In addition, in terms of positioning, the use of multimedia resources helps to lower the bounce rate of a website.

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