Branding through a Crisis
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Branding through a Crisis

The unpredictable impact of COVID-19 has had an unprecedented effect on businesses all over the world. The lack of social interaction has really changed the way a lot of businesses navigate and poses a lot of new challenges.

Businesses are going to have to adapt and build new communication channels to meet the change in demand. Your brand and its perception in the marketplace has never been more important, but what can you do?

Branding through a Crisis

Maintain awareness and keep your brand alive

During this economic downturn, it is vital that you keep the awareness of your business and brand alive. You need to adjust to the current climate. Research shows that your brand is key to your business communication and function. It is important that you work to maintain your brand and show business resilience during difficult times.

Branding through a Crisis

Time to review, don’t hideaway

Businesses need to adapt by focussing on building their brand awareness through information and communication channels. In this current pandemic, new online searches will be prominent, and businesses should react to create content to target those searches. Consider what content and messaging you’re highlighting. It is appropriate, timely and relevant for the current climate.

Despite this global crisis use your time wisely to review the following:

Your Brand

Look to see if your brand is still as fresh as the day you set it up. Is the business’s name still relevant and up-to-date? Consider evolving the font within your logo or tweaking the colour palette to become more modern can re-invigorate the business and give staff a renewed sense of purpose.

Your Social Media Channels

Is your brand consistent across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram? Do your graphics reflect your business message?

Your Website

Review how your website is performing? Can it be improved? Is the content up-to-date and relevant? Is your website being found and is the metadata up-to-date? Online sales are on the increase so make sure your website isn’t left behind. 

Your E-Marketing

Trigger your e-marketing without overloading your customer’s inbox with sales emails. Communicate your plans for the future, keep them engaged and how they can get in touch if you’re working remotely. 

New Channels or New Technology

Consider new technology to assist your business like YouTube. Give your customers advice online. Hold virtual meetings via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Now is a good time to explore all options.

Branding through a Crisis

We cannot predict the future, but we must embrace the challenge and stay as creative as possible.  If you are looking for help with your brand, online graphics and digital communication, we are here to help.

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