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8 Graphic Design predictions for 2019

2019 is in full swing, the trends of 2018 now nothing more than a distant memory. The need for fresh, innovative graphic design is now front of mind for many clients and their brands. Looking at the year ahead, we have taken a moment to explore 8 graphic design predictions and trends we will likely encounter throughout 2019.

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Strong typography

Bold fonts will project strength, innovation and individuality. Easy to read and workable across mobile and tablet devices, we expect to see bolder typefaces taking centre stage through 2019.

Future focus

Geometric shapes, futuristic colour palettes and abstract designs are going to be all the rage. Not only will your brand need to embrace the design but also the delivery, focusing on unique and engaged audience channels.

Colour is back

Working with vivid colours including lighter hues that are bright and intense. As brands work harder to stand out from the competition, we are likely to see them employ more powerful colour combinations to ensure they stand out. Bright corals, and vivid yellow and electric blues are going to be increasingly more common through 2019.

Light and dark

There will be an increase in the movement for brands towards contrasting light and dark colours. There was a shift from technology brands to this style late last year, given previous evolutions in design, it will only be a matter of time before more brands follow suit.

Duotones and gradients

Duotones and gradients started becoming increasingly common last year, this year you will see them becoming more widely spread and innovative. Gradients are no longer going to be restricted to simple background, duotones and gradients will start taking centre stage for many designers.

Design Predictions

Minimalism in colour

Historically, minimalism has been associated with natural or muted tones, this year however, you will see a new approach to minimalism, vivid, unique colours applied to create the “Pop” that we are always striving to attain.

Hand-drawn illustrations

In recent years we have seen a move away from hand-drawn illustrations, with many designers working with technology to create versatile creatives that can work across countless applications. This year, technology will take a back seat, as we focus on the personality and fun bought about by custom artwork and handmade design.

Authentic original photography

For many of us that work with photos on a daily basis, we are able to see a stock photo a mile off. As we navigate ourselves through 2019, you will see an increase in demand for genuine authentic stock images that showcase an honest brand with a clear brand identity.

The overarching theme of 2019 will be an honest reflection of the current times. It will need to be genuine, created with love, simple and honest. Hand-delivered with thought and empathy for your audience. We are looking forward to an exciting year of innovative design and unique client ideas.

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