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Moodboards: the most important step in the Branding Process

Some designers employ moodboards in their process, some don’t. Personally, I’m a huge fan and here’s why I think that creating a moodboard is the most important step in the branding process.

What is a moodboard and why do I need one?

A moodboard is like a collage containing a variety of images, text, and other objects that define your brand and communicate your brand identity. It is a useful guide in developing a brand project, like your website. Whether you’re just launching your business or rethinking your existing brand, a moodboard is a valuable tool.

Why are moodboards important?

Moodboards are the first visualisation of a client’s vision

Turquoise Creative visualise their client’s visions. Many business owners and entrepreneurs find a disconnect between the vision they have in their heads and how they present it. This is especially true if they’re not naturally visual people.

This is when the moodboard comes into its own. Moodboards can help focus on the vision and begin turning it into something visual. The moodboard isn’t a final deliverable; like logos, colours or typefaces. However, it does means that the client can experience the joy of seeing their vision created.

Our clients are always buzzing after seeing the moodboard for the first time. This is because they can finally see their dream becoming a reality. And it’s the first step to their audience falling in love with their visual identity too!

Setting up the visual direction for the brand

Creating a moodboard at the beginning of the design removes barriers since a lot of the work has already been done! Maybe the colour palette was nailed in the moodboard and just needs some refinement; there might have been some inspirations for logos in there too.

If the moodboard is done well, it sets up the visual direction for the brand from the very beginning of the design process. This ensures that the following work is seamless and stays cohesive with the essence of the brand.

Moodboards show that the designer has listened and understood the client

I always start out the branding process with a conversation with my client, either in person or on a call. It is here when I ask a variety of questions about them, their business, audience, aims and objectives, inspiration and likes and dislikes. This conversation is all about getting to know them and listening to their vision and goals for their business.

When I present the moodboard for the very first time it is an exciting time. My interpretation of my client’s vision, is a vital moment where the client can see whether I have listened to what they said and understood it.

If the moodboard doesn’t represent what the client has discussed, it’s a pretty clear indication to them that the designer hasn’t listened, or has but doesn’t have the appropriate understanding of them and their business that is required to create an effective visual identity. That’s definitely not an ideal way to start a relationship with any client.

However, if the designer does nail it, it sets them off on a great foot with their client, as they’ll know that they heard them and understood their vision and goals well.

Moodboards are great references throughout the branding process

When it’s time to choose a colour palette, create logos or select typefaces, the moodboard serves as a great reference point throughout the process. Both the client and the designer can refer back to the moodboard for ideas, and inspiration and to ensure that the designs stay true to the brand’s vision.

At Turquoise Creative we take the time to get to know your business. This helps us to create a look and feel that will appeal to the kinds of customers you’d love to reach.

We understand that your brand could have a personal, emotional attachment and we want to help tell that story while reflecting your true values. Our brand designs are proven to stand the test of time through careful planning, creativity, management and strategy.

Whether you are looking for a brand design agency to build and maintain your brand or just need a little advice or guidance, we are more than happy to help.

Please give us a call on 07813 33978 or 01293 886805 and let us know where we can help. Alternatively, complete our FREE Brand Audit and let us talk through how we can build a brand that truly reflects your business.

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