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Using Infographics

Make it snappy with Infographics

Our ever-diminishing attention is now less than that of a goldfish, which apparently is 9 seconds! Since that’s the case we need to find ways of capturing people’s attention and engaging with them in super-fast time.

This is an infographic we used in our article about colour and branding.

We live in an age where we are time poor and want instant gratification; think convenience foods and on-line shopping. We don’t have time to read long detailed articles (we’ll keep this one short!).


Just give me the management summary!

This is why imagery is so important in your marketing. It helps you get across a message or evoke an emotion in seconds.

Think about your website. You have between 5 and 7 seconds to capture the website visitor’s attention. How do you do this? Probably with a well-crafted strapline and an image. Let’s assume you have this nailed and you have gained their attention, for the next 10 seconds at least.

Question: How else could you provide the next chunk of detail quickly and in a way that’s easy to take in?

Answer: An Infographic.

This infographic is eye-catching. It inspires curiosity to look further. It encourages the reader to move from section to section taking in the content. It’s thought-provoking; “I recognise that logo and see how it fits with the emotion”. Most of all it imparts a lot of information extremely quickly.

Imagine how dull it would be if this information was displayed in sentences and paragraphs. We bet you wouldn’t read it all.

Infographics are great for:

  • Livening up dry subjects
  • Summarising complex information in proposals or reports
  • Adding eye-catching visuals to web pages and blogs
  • Coaxing extra seconds of engagement to win over a prospect
  • They’re fun!

What might your Infographic look like?

Infographics are a brilliant way of getting information across quickly in an interesting and engaging way.

We hope this short article has inspired you to think about how you can use infographics in your marketing and sales collateral. We’d love to capture and create your infographic(s).

Give us a call on 01293 886805 or emails us to arrange a quick chat.

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