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How can Branding help to improve YOUR business?

How Can Branding Help to Improve YOUR Business? Stand out umbrella in a crowd of umbrella's.

We’ve put together this article, “How Can Branding Help to Improve Your Business?” – a jargon-free guide to FIVE critical ways that the right visual and emotional message can impact your industry sector – and more to the point, the company you’re involved with.

There are quite a few benefits, but we’ve picked out the five main ones.

First, Some Questions.

How do people feel about what your company does?

What would be their overall, almost subconscious understanding if they heard your business name? How well do you think your branding represents who you are and what you do? Perhaps it no longer means what you offer and could do with an upgrade.

Plenty of tricky questions that deserve answers, so we hope that this blog can help you think about them.

Branding is ultra-important.

It enables your customers to know what to anticipate from your company. What to expect.

Executed well, it can drive new business. Poorly done, and the opposite is true. It’s a crowded marketplace. In a world where people are exposed to new brands on social media daily, the best branding can set you apart from your competition.

You may have the finest business in the world with excellent services. But, if people don’t or can’t identify it, then, you are hiding behind a cloak of invisibility. By creating and shaping a well-defined brand in their minds, your company is given meaning, weight and consequence. It makes an impact.

How can branding improve your organisation?

1. More People Will Recognise Your Business.

How Can Branding Help to Improve YOUR Business? Per-cep-tion. How to make more people recognise your business

Perception is (almost) everything.

Most likely, you would like your brand to express how your products or services can enhance the lives of the people who buy from you. Your business can help them improve their lives in some way. When they see your branding, they sense optimism. They feel affirmative vibes.  

If you have strong branding, people will notice it. They will recognise your company’s look and feel, and these elements will stick in their minds – even if they’re not yet ready to become customers.

Then, when they are, who are they going to call?

2. Build Trust.

How Can Branding Help to Improve YOUR Business? Trust is so important to your business and brand
Trust is so important to your business and brand

Your audience’s trust is one of the most important things you can have. You need solid trust. What we mean is, your prospects must have faith that you will do an excellent job for them.

Trust is hard-won. And, easy to lose. Without branding, there isn’t much to show, and it will be an uphill struggle to convince your prospects to engage with you at the level you need them to. Consider an enterprise with clear, professional-looking branding. It expresses experience, ability and know-how. Then, think about another one with, well – nothing. Or, something anonymous or cheap-looking. There is no comparison.

Consistent branding on your social media, website, email newsletters, printed marketing, and so on is the key to building long-term trust; your prospects will already know what you do and know what they’ll get.

3. Attract and Retain Talent.

How Can Branding Help to Improve YOUR Business? First impressions matter.
First impressions matter

In our opinion, employees will commit fully to a job if they feel like they’re a part of something bigger and greater than they are.

They share your business ethics and principles, they work hard, focus on a job well done, and in return, they feel highly valued.  

People make judgements on first impressions, so fabulous branding is highly attractive and proves you are making the right kind of investments. It can also help your staff to feel that they’re involved in a worthwhile enterprise. This will include your on and offline marketing and the look of your entire office space. Even branded apparel and merchandise.

4. Improve Your Advertising Conversions.

How Can Branding Help to Improve YOUR Business? Improve your advertising conversions.

Advertising is everywhere and it walks hand in hand with branding.

Subliminal yet powerful, your advertising campaign has simple goals: to sell, or to increase demand. Also, to encourage your audience to take action of some kind. It’s about hearts, minds and money.

Not necessarily features or pricing, but meaning.

Exceptional branding can be a force to bring everything together wherever your advertising reaches people. It should represent your business’s identity and values. Here, we’re touching on an emotional connection, which is a powerful energy in making decisions.

With an in-depth understanding of who buys from you and why, high-quality, cohesive branding reaches out to touch people’s souls, creating a need and getting them over the line.

5. Charge More.

How Can Branding Help to Improve YOUR Business? Would you like to raise your prices and charge more?

Would you like to raise your prices and charge more for your products and services? Well, with the right visual messaging, you can.

You may be surprised at the difference a high-level, ultra-strong brand identity could make to your revenue, even without upgrading or enhancing what you sell.

Your competitors may be charging more than you for precisely the same deliverables. And the reason? Because their clients perceive a higher value, they feel connected, committed and loyal. They recognise a brand they care about, that looks classy, sophisticated, and trustworthy, with no resistance to spending more.

Not good. But there’s a way to address it.

Branding in the Real World.

Turquoise Creative works with a wide range of types and sizes of businesses to create and deliver highly successful branding strategies – across several different forms of media.

A well-developed brand can trigger emotional cues, leading your audience to prefer your brand to others. All audiences are not the same and find appeal in dissimilar things, so we have the expertise to distinguish your niche.

And, to define your unique message. With over 26 years’ experience, we aim to help you see your business through the eyes of your customers, as well as communicate clearly and effectively with them.

What associations are people making with your brand?

If you’d like to re-focus your present and future customers’ attention on your company, rather than the competition, we’d be happy to help so do get in touch.

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