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9 Reasons to use a Brand Design Agency

A good brand design agency is more than just outsourcing the design of your company logo and branding.

The success with a design agency partnership is driven by your design agency taking a holistic view of your business. While considering all of your branding touchpoints; such as marketing material, website and communication systems.

A good brand design agency will work on devising a design strategy to attract your ideal customers. They will make the process completely off your hands, leaving you free to do what you do best: run your business.

We have taken a moment to identify the key areas that we feel separate us from the competition, we strive to work with clients over the long term, and understand the business motivations and ethos while focusing on the following elements. We feel these areas are where a design agency can add real, tangible value to your business.

Brand Strategy

It is important to plan your branding strategy, it is common to position a sales or marketing strategy, but who thinks about branding and design strategies?

We do, design agencies, that’s who. 

Your sales and marketing efforts can be driving all the necessary business interest but if they don’t find your brand appealing, it’s can all fall apart at the first interaction. Getting the right look and feel to everything you are putting out, along with a plan for how, when and why this will be implemented, is essential to the overall marketing success.

Brand Consistency

Being consistent in business is, for many the key to long-standing client relationships. If your service offering is of consistent quality with a close eye on attention to detail, are you reflecting those same values with the consistency of your brand? Brand consistency is about more than ensuring everything you put out is the same colour and has the same logo. If you have the exact same shades of all the colours you use, in addition to a wide variety of small details being the same throughout the branding, it will create a professional image and make your brand more easily recognisable. This is also an important consideration when exploring your tone of voice and company ethos.

Brand Audit

At Turquoise Creative we encourage all of our clients to really take a moment to explore exactly what they want their brand to convey. Our Brand Audit is designed to ask you the questions that you had potentially overlooked when building your brand.

  • Does your brand have a story?
  • Is it appealing to exactly the sort of customers you want it to?
  • What is your choice of colours saying about your business?
  • Is your logo effective?

Our brand audits are free, we find them to be an amazing talking point for initial introductions and are always happy to talk to any business that is taking their brand seriously.


It is very common for clients to approach us saying their branding is missing “Something”, the overall concept has a history and is generally well-received but does not reflect how their business has evolved since its conception.

This is especially common for a business going through prolonged growth. It is likely that the brand was part of the initial business set-up and not given the attention it now deserves. Turquoise Creative can undertake all that work for you to create a new brand that truly reflects your business while retaining your company’s identity.


Expert Knowledge

Turquoise Creative is founded on decades of experience and countless successful projects. It is this expertise that is the fundamental reason we are able to offer the quality design service we do. A design agency is able to offer you the experience of working with brand designers that grow brands. We have spent years getting to know businesses to find the perfect branding and design solutions for websites, printed materials, social media, etc. to get brands recognised and to appeal to the right kind of customer.

Fresh Ideas

It’s very common for business owners to feel they are too close to their business. As a result, they have set ideas about how it should be represented to the outside world. This can limit a company’s branding making it seem old fashioned or not quite an accurate reflection on the entire company. It can be very useful to have an outside eye cast over it to bring in new ideas to reach new customers. The right design agency will bring a range of ideas and trends that could have been previously ignored.

Complete Service

This is an important one for us.

Using a design agency gives businesses true peace of mind knowing that they have one central point to manage all of their branding.

Working across multiple partners and managing a logo, a colour scheme, a website, and printed and online promotional material while keeping the branding consistent sounds like awfully hard work to us.

We have the capability to do all of this for you, keep your brand consistent, eliminate errors and ensure the highest possible quality.


Your brand should be more than your choice of colour and font. Your brand should reflect your companies’ values, its place in the industry and its history. Your design agency should be able to build this story into the branding and give you the tools needed to tell your story.

Exhibition design


A good design agency has years of experience and has seen several brands win and lose. It is this experience that allows them to ensure you have a really good brand that has room to grow. Successful brands manage to move with the times and still remain consistent. If you’ve built a good brand reputation, the last thing you want to do is to have to completely change your brand to stop it from looking dated. We can create brands with the ability to morph, grow and move with the times.

At Turquoise Creative we take the time to get to know your business. This helps us to create a look and feel that will appeal to the kinds of customers you’d love to reach.

We understand that your brand could have a personal, emotional attachment and we want to help tell that story while reflecting your true values. Our brand designs are proven to stand the test of time through careful planning, creativity, management and strategy.

Whether you are looking for a brand design agency to build and maintain your brand or just need a little advice or guidance, we are more than happy to help.

Please give us a call on 07813 33978 or 01293 886805 and let us know where we can help. Alternatively, complete our FREE Brand Audit and let us talk through how we can build a brand that truly reflects your business.

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