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ACUMEN Launch Party

The Year of the Zebra

Commercial Solicitors Acumen Business Law work in Brighton, Sussex and the South East. Acumen Business Law is an award-winning, innovative and dynamic Law Firm, providing legal services in a way different to other law firms:

What a fun evening we had at the Gatwick Office Launch Party of ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW last night. It was held at the prestigious showroom of Mercedes Gatwick. Surrounded by the most amazing cars we were all entertained by a dance troop painted like zebras, free cocktail bar and food prepared by ASK Crawley.

Thank you to ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW for the evening and to Mercedes Gatwick for hosting the event.

ACUMEN Launch Party
ACUMEN Launch Party

Free legal MOT

In our Free Legal MOT session you will meet one of our Commercial Solicitors for approximately 1.5 hours (at no cost), to discuss with you all the legal aspects of your business, including using the law to your business advantage; Brand Protection & TM; legal essentials to secure your business; guidance on contracts with clients, suppliers and other parties; Employment Law issues; cost-effective dispute mitigation; and other specific legal queries you may have.

Fixed fees – no hourly rate charges

In a bold move in the legal industry, ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW scrapped the hourly rate system and operates a fixed fee-pricing model quoting fees at the outset (excluding contentious matters). This means you can get in touch as and when you need without the need to watch the clock.

Your own legal director

You can have your own legal director who is a qualified solicitor specialising in Business Law.

Your own HR solicitor

You can also have your own dedicated HR Solicitor who specialises in HR and Employment Law matters.

Commercially astute solicitors:

We are the only firm of solicitors in the area of Brighton & Hove in East Sussex who specialise in all aspects of Business Law and advise business clients only. We are genuinely interested in and enthusiastic about business. We particularly enjoy using our knowledge of the law to help our clients’ business and negotiate a great deal on their behalf.

Approachable accessible and unpretentious

We have broken away from the aloof culture that is so associated with the legal profession by ensuring all our people are accessible, approachable and unpretentious.

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW – make sure we are on your side.

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