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Turquoise Creative – 10 years of Graphic Design

Celebrating a decade of innovation and excellence, Turquoise Creative has reached a remarkable milestone. The journey has been swift and dynamic, marked by a decade of collaboration with exceptional clients, monumental projects, and extraordinary individuals.

In commemorating this achievement, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued clients who have played an instrumental role in shaping Turquoise’s success. Our expansive network comprises thriving businesses with whom we have cultivated exemplary instances of branding, graphic design, and marketing creativity, reflecting our commitment to delivering outstanding results.

Turquoise Creative

Looking at our branding…

As an integral part of our decade-long festivities, we engaged in a collaborative branding exercise to invigorate our logo.

The original logo has been a stalwart symbol, earning us local recognition and establishing a formidable presence in graphic design, digital media, and branding—a fact of which we take great pride. To infuse a sense of modernity that aligns with our commitment to contemporary techniques and approaches in branding, we refined the typography and refreshed the logo, maintaining a subtle connection to the original branding.

As Turquoise Creative marks its 10th anniversary, we also take a moment to reflect on the transformations, evolutions, and innovations within the industry.

In the realm of branding and design, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. We diligently track trends, pioneer creative techniques, and keep a finger on the pulse of industry developments. Our business hinges on our ability to grasp emerging trends, understand the shifting landscape of consumer behaviour, and discern the underlying motives that drive them.

Turquoise Creative

Reflecting on the global landscape.

A pivotal aspect of our success lies in staying abreast of news, trends, and events that influence our clients, inspirations, and outcomes. As part of our 10-year celebrations, we take a moment to revisit some significant events from the past decade.

Exploring the world of Branding:

  • 2008 – April: Facebook surpasses MySpace as the largest social network.
  • 2009 – January: Barack Obama assumes office as the US president.
  • 2010 – January: 3D Television becomes widely available in the consumer market.
  • 2011 – April: Google plays an April Fool’s Day joke on typography enthusiasts by serving search results for “Helvetica” in Comic Sans.
  • 2012 – February: Apple launches the iPhone 5.
  • 2013 – April: Amazon launches Kindle Fire HDX.
  • 2014 – February: Apple introduces its innovation, the Apple Watch.
  • 2015 – November: Introduction of the Apple Smartwatch.
  • 2016 – May: The Queen celebrates her 90th birthday, echoing the sentiment of the entire country.
  • 2017 – December: Apple drops to #2 in the global 500 brand ranks after 5 years at #1.
  • 2018 – February: Turquoise Creative marks its 10th anniversary with a rebrand.

Reflecting on our learnings.

Turquoise Creative is committed to continuous learning, improvement, and understanding the prevailing thought patterns that shape our world. In the realm of graphic design and rebranding, it is crucial to actively glean insights from our experiences, allowing these lessons to inform our future actions. Over the past decade, notable shifts in thinking regarding graphic design, branding, marketing, and PR have emerged.

PR takes precedence over advertising.

Given the expense and lack of credibility associated with advertising, especially for new brands, public relations has become the preferred launchpad for many successful ventures. While PR can be controversial, this approach tends to resonate more positively with consumers than advertising that attempts controversy or attacks the competition.

Analogous to military campaigns conquering territories, companies embark on marketing campaigns to dominate categories. From a branding perspective, the value of brands is often confined to their respective categories. Venturing into a different category requires careful navigation and poses inherent risks. Apple’s strategic decision to name its smartphone “iPhone” instead of leveraging the Apple brand illustrates this approach, as the Apple Macintosh brand was reserved for its desktop product.

Steve Oakes Turquoise Creative
The visual is more important than the verbal

The significance of visuals over verbal communication has become increasingly apparent in the evolving landscape of marketing. While the traditional role of verbal communication persists, the primary goal of a marketing program now extends beyond conveying concepts through words. Optimal delivery involves leveraging visuals, as they serve as the linchpin for creating emotional resonance and compelling the audience to engage with the deeper message.

Over the past decade, a notable shift has emerged in the business landscape, with a heightened demand for companies to establish and present themselves with professionalism. The pervasive influence of the internet, coupled with evolving consumer behaviour, compels even those entities that historically overlooked brand identity to consider how they are perceived and the fragility of their identity. The abundance of information and the ease with which potential clients educate themselves on graphic design processes have resulted in a clientele that is more informed and discerning about their needs and preferences.

Reflecting on the past decade, our journey has been extraordinary. Amidst the diverse array of individuals and businesses encountered, and the myriad brochures, logos, and business cards crafted. The most gratifying aspect has been witnessing our success within the local community.

We take pride in being acknowledged as professional, approachable, and diligently working to uphold this reputation. A decade’s span prompts reflection on the events that have shaped our daily position, emphasising the importance of understanding the milestones, challenges, and opportunities that have brought us to this juncture.

As we look back, we are motivated to consider what more we can do to ensure the next 10 years surpass the success of the previous decade.

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